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High-speed punching provides unparalleled accuracy and shape-to-shape repeatability

CNC turret punching takes perforating to the next level.

Turret Punching

Punching holes and shapes of varying diameters quickly and accurately outside of a perforating press requires a high quality and reliable CNC turret press. Diamond Manufacturing has 13 such capable turret presses in its arsenal to meet your project needs.

With tables spanning up to 60" x 240", Diamond can process the longest sheets without continuous repositioning.

Delivering up to a 33-ton hit rate, Diamond employs several 58-station turret presses with the highest ram positioning accuracy. We can punch within a 0.0027" tolerance, allowing our CNC-guided precision controls over each stroke to eliminate the need for additional secondary operations.

Further, the standard turret press' brush table design allows us to maintain and deliver highest quality finished products with scratch-free processing.

The start of your next project is just a call or click away. Ask our customer service team how Diamond's CNC-guided turret presses might be used as one of many ways we can deliver your intricate finished products.

QuantityCapacityMax WidthMax LengthMax Thickness
13 Turrets33 tons60"240"0.380"

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