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Achieve dead flat, uniformly leveled sheets and blanks

Leveling is a critical step after the perforating process.


Warping and curling are natural byproducts of the perforating process. Diamond Manufacturing can virtually eliminate material distortion from your perforated products.

Immediately following perforation, your sheets and blanks head to our leveling department. We have invested in 20 precision leveling systems to accommodate the widest range of materials, gauges and thicknesses.

Our equipment is capable of leveling up to 110" wide and 0.500" thick. Diamond is regarded as the “industry standard” benchmark for leveling flatness.

Diamond's material experts can achieve the flatness that your job requires, even working with the hardest grades of stainless steel and other non-forgiving alloys.

View more information about our flatness specifications. We invite you to connect with our knowledgeable customer service and engineering team with your leveling requirements.

QuantityMax WidthMax Thickness
20 Levelers110"0.500"

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