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North America’s Largest Perforated Metal Specialist

For over a century, Diamond Manufacturing has been the leader in the perforated metals industry.

As the continent’s premier perforated metal specialist, Diamond Manufacturing has been the industry leader in adopting new technologies, implementing the most modern equipment, opening up new markets and attracting the finest, most talented craftsmen.

Today, Diamond Manufacturing continues to develop and invest in the latest technology. With 56 perforating presses in operation across the United States, we employ the most comprehensive arsenal of perforating equipment, levelers and value-added post-perforating machinery among our six manufacturing and stocking facilities.

Diamond Manufacturing supports large OEMs and small job shops alike with precision perforating. We purchase up to 100 million pounds of steel each year and with that level of inventory on hand, we perforate an average of over 8 million pounds of steel per month.


Perforated metal samples

The Perforating Process

Perforated sheets exiting press

Perforating is a process of punching holes in material. It requires a press that can exert enough force to penetrate the material, yet be stable enough to withstand consecutive blows. The ideal machine produces different patterns.

While different machines can produce holes (i.e., turret presses, CNC presses, etc.), full-width perforating presses are designed specifically to quickly and accurately produce the largest number of holes per hit — making them the most efficient and therefore the most economical in producing perforated material.

Die block

Operator setting up perforating machine

In addition to being able to produce as many as 300,000 holes per minute, perforating presses can be programmed to leave areas blank, vary spacing of holes, create margins, and place locator holes — all with extremely tight tolerances. These varying capabilities not only allow for a multitude of designs to be produced, but can eliminate subsequent production processes. With their speed, accuracy, and versatility, full-width perforating presses provide considerable cost savings.

Once equipped with the correct tool, the operator selects the chosen pattern, programs the exact distance between holes, panels or parts, and begins the perforating process.

Diamond Manufacturing's 56 roller-feed perforating presses are strategically located across six locations in the United States. This level of capacity and redundancy allows us to provide unmatched speed and efficiency in completing your perforating projects. With multiple configurations of 20- to 500-ton perforating presses, Diamond is equipped to handle the most delicate of alloys and the hardest stainless steels.


Perforating Applications

Perforated materials are used across a wide variety of markets including aerospace, agriculture, architecture, appliances, power generation, and more.


Boasting more than 4,000 unique perforated patterns that are in stock and readily available, Diamond Manufacturing is equipped to process your order on time and to your specifications. All tooling is produced and maintained on site. If a pattern does not exist for your specific application, our expert engineers will custom design a bespoke pattern to match your project needs.

Our perforated patterns can be classified into six categories including: round, square, slot, geometric shapes, decorative and custom. Select one of the categories below to view the most common patterns and styles.


How to Specify Your Perforated Job

The following insights are offered on each of the factors that affect the quality, cost and delivery of a perforated product. Please consider these factors when designing or specifying perforated material:

  • Material Type
  • Material Format
  • Material Thickness
  • Hole Size
  • Hole Shape and Configuration
  • Open Area
  • Margins
  • End Margin Pattern
  • Tolerances
  • Surface Finish
  • Value-added Fabrication Needs
  • Packaging & Skidding
  • Over- and Under-runs


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