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The skill to form and shape your custom, finished product

Diamond pairs press brake power with engineering expertise.


The expert material handlers at Diamond Manufacturing understand that forming and bending metal requires more than just a capable brake press and standard punch and die set.

Shaping and forming metal—especially delicate perforated metal—requires knowledge, experience and planning to deliver an accurate finished product.

Diamond proudly operates 10 press brakes fully staffed with highly skilled operators to handle your post-perforating or fabricating job.

Taking into consideration material type, material thickness, the bending radius and the method of forming, our operators achieve precision metal forming on materials up to 144" wide and 1.0" thick on press brakes ranging from 100 to 230 tons.

Whether you need standard angle bends, seaming, hemming, curled edge bends or multi/offset bends, Diamond is your one-stop shop for forming and press brake processing. Inquire today on how we can help you make your project into a reality.

QuantityCapacityMax WidthMax Thickness
10 Press Brakes100 to 230 tons144"1.0"

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