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Equipped to shear your material to your precise specifications

Achieve clean, straight edges and angles from the first cut through the very last cut.


Whether it's a perforated sheet that needs shearing or your custom fabricated parts need to be cut down to size, Diamond Manufacturing can match the proper shear to your project.

With 16 shears in operation, Diamond accommodates materials up to 192" wide and thicknesses up to 0.500".

Our high-capacity and high-volume shearing lines produce thousands of straight line cut blanks hourly for both soft metals (such as aluminum and low-carbon steel) and hard metals (including stainless) that generate enough force to yield uniform cuts every time.

Diamond hones and maintains ultra-sharp cutting blades which in turn produce little or no kerf. This achieves virtually no loss of material and minimal waste which saves you money on your project.

Different material types come with slightly different tolerances. Precision shearing tolerances are within ± 1/16", depending on gauge. View more information on shearing tolerances. If you need a more precise specification, please contact our customer service and engineering team.

QuantityMax WidthMax Thickness
16 Shears192"0.500"

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