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Uniform, precision die cut shapes, every time

Stamping provides the repeatability you need for volume programs.


To increase production speed without sacrificing accuracy or custom-engineered design, stamping presses are metalworking machine tools used to shape or cut metal by deforming it with a die.

Diamond Manufacturing is home to 5 stamping and blanking presses that provide the capability and capacity to stamp specific shapes by transforming your perforated sheet into the unique application your project requires.

Diamond’s stamping and blanking presses range from 60 to 300 tons of maximum pressure. This raw power achieves accurate, uniform production on materials up to 0.250" thick, 60" long and 60" wide.

If your project requires a short run of blanks or you need a large-scale, inventory-based program of stamped materials, Diamond has you covered with the repeatability, consistency and accuracy you demand from the first stamp to the millionth stamp and every stamp in between.

Contact our customer service team to determine how we can help get your volume program off the ground, which may include custom-engineered stamping dies.

QuantityCapacityMax WidthMax LengthMax Thickness
5 Stamps60 to 300 tons60"60"0.250"

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