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Coil Diameter, Length/Splicing

Inner diameter, Outer diameter

Top, burr inward

Top, burr inward

Inner and Outer Coil Diameter (ID and OD)

A coil’s inner diameter can be made anywhere between 20" to 24". If core inserts are used, then only 20" and 24" diameters are readily available. If a different size core insert is desired, then it should be discussed with a customer service representative. If ID specifications are not provided, then non-core 20" ID coil is supplied. As for a coil’s outer diameter, it may not exceed either 56" or a weight of 20,000 lbs.

NOTE: 50" OD max. on degreased coil.

Rewind Direction-Burr Inward or Outward

With the ability to coil material with the hole burr either on the outside or inside, burr direction is dependent on the customer’s specification. If not specified, Diamond standard rewind is to have the burr facing inward.

NOTE: For hole burr tolerance information, reference burr.

Length / Splicing

Because raw material varies in weight, if a specific coil length is required, it can only be guaranteed if splicing is allowed. Diamond’s standard splicing procedure is to tape two overlapping ends together. If splicing is not permissible, then the desired length is aimed for, but not guaranteed. Unless otherwise specified, Diamond Manufacturing Company may splice material with different heat numbers.

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