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Like sheet and coil metal, plastic can be perforated. But whereas nearly all steels and alloys react similarly to perforating, some plastics react quite differently. While metal typically becomes wavy, some plastics will shatter, crack, splinter, fray, or discolor.

This table is neither intended to be inclusive of all plastics that can be perforated, nor does it ensure that those listed will react well to every perforated pattern. A sample of plastic may need to be reviewed before we quote or accept an order.

Type & Typical Application

TypeApplicationThickness & SizeColors / Paintability FinishesForms & FabricatesFinishesUV StabilityChemical Resistance
KYDEX-acrylic/PVC blend.POP displays, signage, decorative panels, coverings, etc.9 std. thicknesses .028"-.25" and custom available*. std. size 60" x 96"34 std. colors (custom avail.*) 5 wood grains paintability - goodhot - excellent cold - good not weldable10 std. ranging from smooth to roughfairgood
Polyethylene & PolypropyleneVarious industrial uses4 std. thicknesses .030", .060", .125", .25" std. size 48"x 96"1 std. color natural white, paintability - poorhot - good cold - fair weldablegloss, matte, dull mattenaturally - fair w/ stabilizer - goodexcellent
PVCPOP displays, signage, industrial usage3 std. thicknesses .060", .125" and .25" std. size 48"x 96"3 std. colors - clear, white, gray paintability - goodhot - good cold - fair weldablesmoothgoodgood
ABSPOP displays, signage and casings4 std. thicknesses .030", .060", .125", and .25" std. size 48"x 96"2 std. colors - black and white, custom avail.* paintability - fairhot - good cold - fair not weldablesmooth and haircellnaturally - fair w/ stabilizer - goodpoor

* subject to minimums

Kydex standard thicknesses, colors and finishes.

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